Thursday, January 27, 2011


Last week I was in LA. There is something intrinsically cool about saying “LA.” Why say Los Angeles....when you can say LA, baby??
LA people own the cool factor, because they believe they are cool. They dress cool, they walk cool, they jog cool. I was hoping the cool vibe would bounce off them and stick to me...but apparently I’m the Teflon Kat. I have the cool-it factor. For some reason people are always telling me to cool it.

Besides the obvious play on initials, there is a reason they call LA... “la la land.” People in LA live in their own world...a happy place of warm weather and sunshine…and are out of touch with reality. And also apparently oblivious to the miserable life we endure during the Northeast winters. So for 5 days I lived in la la land...and transgendered myself…I mean, transformed myself from Le Miserable to Le Happy Kat.

One afternoon we took in the sights of Malibu from the Pacific Palisades Highway. At one point we pulled over so PaulA could put his ear to his phone, his thumbs to his Blackberry...and my toes to the Pacific. The beach was public…not the private off limits beach of the rich and famous. Technically you aren’t trespassing on a private beach if you are standing on the wet sand above the low water mark. I thought about swimming out to sea and body surfing back onto the private beach of the rich and famous…but I’m not a particularly strong swimmer.


While walking the Malibu beach, I had a few interesting encounters.

Encounter 1: an aging hippie with long hair sitting in the lotus position. I’m not very familiar with yoga so I’m not entirely sure it was the “ lotus position,” but I know it wasn’t the “raging bull” position …he wasn’t on all 4’s. His eyes were closed, so I presumed he was meditating...or medicated....or both. I hoped he was picturing himself as a productive contributing member of society …someday.

Encounter 2: A man carrying a frying pan. I thought it seemed a little odd....but I figured he probably just fled a crime scene and was looking to throw away the evidence into the ocean. This is LA baby.

Encounter 3: As I walked further down the beach…who do I see…AGAIN? Man with Frying Pan…nestled in-between some large rocks. Apparently Man with Frying Pan keeps a small grill in the rocks on the bluff...and was frying some eggs. I only asked him for 2 eggs sunnyside up. I thought ordering an omelet would be asking a little too much.

LA. The la la land of the rich and famous...and the down and out. That’s LA for ya.


CCH said...

i love the picture!! I want to go to La La land......!!!

Brianna said...

hahah this is so funny!!! You always see the STRANGEST things when you're in la la land! Let's just hope Colin makes it to the rich and famous side after his Tour and doesn't end up washed up on the beach sneaking onto the wet sand above the low water mark!