Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Slinging Blog Hash

Another blog year has come and gone. 12 months of slinging blog hash. yum. yum.

I looked at the numbers in my blog archive and according to PaulA: I am batting over 200 for 3 consecutive years...which he tells me is pretty good.

PaulA likes to equate things to sports. So when he saw my blog totals over the past 3 years...he couldn't help with the sports talk. Last week he was giving out 2 minute warnings. According PaulA’s calculations….I believe I’m headed for the Blogger Hall of Fame.


PaulA may have his sports analogies, but I have my food analogies...not to be confused with allergies. (Every food agrees with me and I agree with every food.) So I like to put things in terms of food dishes.......

I’ve been serving up the blog hash for 3 and a half years. My blog, like any good hash...simmers for hours or in some cases years, to attain its true flavor. It is a multilayered concoction, made up of a unique variety of flavors. And for some it is an acquired taste. My blog hash contains few onions…I hear many people don’t care for them. And every blog hash is designed to be the perfect accompaniment to your day.

And for you leftover (again with the food) Hippies....you might enjoy my blog hash most...after you print it out...roll it up...and smoke it.


CCH said...

haha this is funny, CONGRATS! One day I hope to bat 200!!! I wonder what I'm batting now?

Frances said...

You always make me laugh!