Saturday, January 29, 2011

R & R

This Kat is enroute with PaulA on a little vacation...a well-timed break of R & R...Rest, Relax, and Reposado. We're leaving the country for Cabo San Jose, Mexico.

Don Julio. Guacamole. Chimichanga. (Just practicing my Spanish.)

I'm told the area we are visiting is safe from war lords, drug lords, and lord of the rings. But in case, that's not the case, I've made peace with my lord.

I will try to blog next week from Cabo Wabo, but at this time i don't know if I will have excess access to the internet.


Baring any unpleasant episodic episodes with tekillya or Montezuma's revenge...lord knows...this gato will be back.

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Brianna said...

afortunado gato! (lucky Kat!!!)