Monday, January 10, 2011

A Christmas Production

I finally put away our Christmas decorations. And it's not even Easter.

Dismantling Christmas is a production that involves many trips up and down the basement stairs...carrying the mish/mash of cardboard boxes and blue Rubbermaid containers. (Question to self: Would red and green containers make the process more fun?)

I would equate the dismantling of Christmas to the dismantling of a play set. By the time the play has run its course….everything has lost its luster, the excitement has fizzled out and the cast of characters in the production have moved on.

The cast of characters in my household totally fit that playbill. They moved on......

So I took the lead role and packed away the props...and left the boxes by the basement stairs...with the hopes that someone might take the subtle hint that the boxes CAN'T WALK THEMSELVES DOWN THE STAIRS. Interesting enough…no one in the cast showed real interest in sharing in my limelight. Even Duncandog wasn't interested in sniffing the boxes anymore.

But alas ( l love the word alas)…after going up and down the stairs countless times, I didn't feel guilty digging into the leftover Christmas chocolates I had squirreled away in the kitchen drawer...for a snowy day. (Note to self: Do not disclose secret chocolate stash.) (Note to Mother Nature: Let it snow.)


Christmas is over. The final act played, the curtain closed…and the house lights have been turned up.

But during its heyday, our Christmas production was spectacular. The stage was meticulously designed and the characters played their parts with enthusiasm and passion. Colinboy even came home looking like Jesus. :)

And when our production began… I, too, had hoped to break a leg…with the hopes that an understudy could later help with the props.

PS. "Props" to my special cast for another wonderful Christmas together.


Frances said...

We also put our decorations away this weekned. When I say, "we" I mean my sister did the majority of the clean up. I placed a few ornaments in the box. It is a lot more fun to decorate to undecorate!

PS: Move over Wishy..Colinboy is the new actor of the family to play Jesus!

Cboy said...

Hmm I have never had to "undecorate" but I imagine it is about as cool as unpacking.... Jesus Saves.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow Christmas decoration roadie (it is a lonely job), i hope your tree did not decide to get completely naked in your family room. I just looked at our tree the other day, and I swear it dropped about a thousand needles.