Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love "Fans"

A minute and a half, 90 seconds…that’s how long it takes me to sing the National Anthem…A cappella…which I did for the men’s UCONN basketball game last night. Go UCONN.

No instrumental accompaniment to drown me out. Yep, me, the microphone, my loud mouth…and my fingers crossed.

Singing the National Anthem…A cappella…is probably the most vulnerable I could feel…unless I also experienced a wardrobe malfunction. After all, I’m not a professional, and there are thousands of people there…plus or minus those who saunter in late. Next time, could you please try to be on time.

So was I anxious? You bet your late ass I was. Even though I have done this for over ten years…anxious feelings still creep in. But I came up with a new ritual this time…I decided to call on my inner diva.

I had seen an interview with Gwyneth Paltrow about her performance in "Country Strong." She said her performance in the movie was inspired by Beyonce. To prepare, Gwyneth had watched Beyonce’s performances and tried to capture some of that incredible self-belief and abandon that Beyonce has on stage.

If it worked for Gwyneth…why not Kat? So I decided I would call on my inner diva for performing the national anthem. I conjured up images of Beyonce shaking her booty and struttin’ her stuff. And images of Beyonce with all those fans blowing on her while she's performing. Bootylicious. Maybe that would bring me luck..... or laughs.

Everyone has good luck rituals. Actors say “break a leg.” Tiger Woods wears red on Sunday. University of Alabama Coach Saban keeps a lucky penny in his pocket. Roll Tide. And lucky enough, I was singing on 1/11/11. Ya hoo. Eleven, my favorite number.


The hardest time is the wait before the game…when I pace and wait. Practice a few notes. Wait and pace.

Game time…my name is announced…I walk out to center court, take a deep breath, check for wardrobe malfunctions, stare at the flag….and adrenaline kicks in with..."Oh say, can you sing."

I automatically shift into auto sing and the words just come ...and luckily in the correct order, which is totally awesome because I might confuse a few people singing along with .. “And the rockets blasted in red air. The glare bursting in bombs.”

Every year I keep going back for more…A minute and a half….of an adrenaline rush, being on the spot, and trying, oh so hard, not to bring shame to the family name.

Note to Diva self: Next time request a few turbo fans to blow on me while I sing.

PS. Thank you to the real “fans” who were there for support.

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Anonymous said...

great job last night!! your voice carried all the way up to the rafters (i know that because that's where we were sitting!) thanks for dinner... fun, as always!