Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, PaulA

Happy Birthday to my hubby, PaulA ,
someone who has taken a little ribbing in this blog…and has been a good sport through it all.
It can’t be easy being married to a blogger.

I will try to keep this birthday dedication simple…
mainly because PaulA does not like much hoopla surrounding himself.
He doesn’t require gifts, but prefers the gift of time with family and friends.
(although he might take money, I just never had any to give.)
Unlike some who love receiving presents...PaulA doesn’t get too excited by them.
But maybe golf balls and golf socks aren’t mind-blowing gifts.

With my last gift to PaulA...I made a request.
I requested that he give a little more reaction when he opened it.
A little more animation.

So he did...he went ballistic.
His animation...went animalation.
He hooted and hollered…jumped up and down.
That’s PaulA for you.
You give him some constructive criticism and he runs with it.


Even though PaulA doesn’t require hoopla and hullabaloo around his birthday...
he always appreciates a brewhaha with friends and family.

Happy Birthday, PaulA
Cheers to YOU.


Torrie said...

Happy birthday PaulA!!

(he sounds like a very good-natured guy... with a great sense of humor)

You're right. It can't be easy being married to a blogger. Fortunately, I've got a good guy too :).

Anonymous said...

Kat, tell Paul I owe him a birthday beer. Ed

Chelsea said...

YAY happy birthday daddio!!! two best parents in the world to put up with a emotional super awesome daughter :)