Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's on your DVR?

Don't cha love a dvr session?  Nothing quite like a combo of donuts, vodka, and rocky road.

Wait, this blog is supposed to be about the digital voice recorder and not my binge session last evening. 

So what's on your DVR?

Right now our DVR is at 70 percent capacity...with loads and loads of Grey's Anatomy episodes.  We are faithful Grey's fans, but a  little behind. Make that 32 episodes behind.  I guess that makes us unfaithful fans.  (And my behind in not that little.)

We've started to surgically remove episodes from the dvr...but that many episodes of a medical drama is painful and requires anesthesia...or extra donuts, vodka, and rocky road.


I've noticed that the number of hookups between Grey's Anatomy interns, residents, and doctors is off the hook.  At one time or another, over the seven seasons, they've all hooked up with each other.  The show has run out of combinations, so some of them have had to switch teams and play with the other side, if you know what I mean.  Kinda like when Manny Ramirez switched from the Red Sox to play for the Dodgers, but VERY different.   

I find that all entertaining.  But the one thing that blows my much so...that I want to throw my donuts at the how excited these doctors are to take on a medical case.  
There is never a McWeiney in the bunch.

They will fight each other tooth and hang nail to get a case from one another or to perform major surgery.  Not one of them is trying to take the afternoon off for a round of golf? WTH?

Whenever an ambulance pulls up at the ER or a helicopter lands on the roof, the docs are standing there...waiting...with scalpels ready...including the Chief of Surgery.  
Like that would ever happen.

Of course, I know this is TV...but I would just hope that  if I had an infected hang nail and had to be admitted (to the MEDICAL hospital)....
McSteamy and McDreamy would be right there waiting to treat me.   

And in return...I would promise  to  keep my mouth shut should I see any of their romantic hookups...which, by the way, never happens on the show.  

Whenever there is a private conversation or romantic interlude between docs there is always a McCockamamie lurking around the corner...ready to blab it around the hospital. 

Forget the rocky road....I'm thinking McCreamy.

P.S. Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Happy June 1st.


Chelsea said...

i like this layout a lot!
this post had me laughing. after the first sentence. and i cant believe you have that many greys episodes to catch up on!!! although, i haven't watched it in a long time. hmm... must be nice to have DVR. some girls have all the luck. i guess ill just stick to donuts, vodka and rocky road

Breezy said...

When I'm home its filled with any show about (cup)cakes... Cake Boss, Georgetown Cupcakes, Cupcake Wars, Bake Off, etc. You name it, I've recorded it.... that and anything on Disney, but that's a different guilty pleasure

Sistersledge said...

What's a DVR???? We have a VCR! Ha, ha, ha, ha!