Friday, June 10, 2011

Jobs and Bulldogs

Finding a job is no picnic or walk in the park. In other words
….it ain’t easy.
I guess that’s why “pounding the pavement” is an appropriate analogy.

Finding a job requires a little bit of luck…and a whole lot of who you know.
Once I got an interview because PaulA’s softball coach was a fellow Vermonter.
(Us Vermonters gotta stick together.)
He took my resume and passed it along. In the interview, I didn’t drool on myself…so I was hired.
See what I am talking about?
It comes down to…who you know and lady luck.


When we moved to Jacksonville, Florida from Connecticut…I managed to get an interview in the Systems Dept. of an insurance company.
They say you “gotta look the part…to get the part”…
so I dressed in appropriate business attire for the interview…skirt and blouse...sans jacket.
The jacket was too blasted HOT (temperature hot…not Angelina Jolie hot.)

At the end of the interview, the Dept. Head told me that I was wearing the “right” colors.
I looked down to see what the heck I was wearing.
Red blouse, black skirt?
Huh ? I didn’t get it.

Apparently he was a University of Georgia fan and I was looking like a little bulldog…
minus the under bite.

(FYI…Jacksonville is located in northern Florida, so there is a mix of RIVAL fans...
FL Gator fans and GA Bulldog fans.)
So if I was wearing blue and orange…I would have been wearing the “wrong” colors.

Once again, I managed to not drool on myself, and I got the job.
My choice of attire was definitely a stroke of luck. Heck, I could have easily worn Gator colors.
A blue suit and orange top...and that bulldog would have used me as a hydrant
and then thrown my scaley gator ass out.

To those of you who are “pounding the pavement”…take my advice…
know somebody,
have a little luck,
and wear the “right” colors.
Oh, and remember…don’t drool on yourself.


Anonymous said...


Jamie said...

I've only gotten one job in my life where I didn't have some sort of recommendation or in, it is just the way it happens.

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