Monday, June 13, 2011

Ice, Ice, Baby

When PaulA and I were newly married, we frequently visited his family.
Even though it was an hour's drive… I always enjoyed the trip….
there was a Dairy Queen on the way.

Our routine was always the same. On the way down, we would drive by the DQ,
but on our way back…we would STOP.
No Exception.
It didn’t matter to me that PaulA never wanted ice cream…that was his loss.
We could have just eaten a 5 course meal, complete with dessert a la mode…it was ALWAYS understood….PaulA had to stop.

He had married a soft-serve junkie.


As the story goes:

One particular drive home, PaulA and I were in a pissin’ match.
(That’s a disagreement…where one pisses, then the other pisses right back…on top.)
The pissin’ match quickly became the “ole silent treatment”….which isn’t particularly easy for me.
But I was going to play the game of…
Ice, Ice, Baby.

As we continued to drive in silence, the DQ was fast approaching.
I thought the ice would soon be shattered with our DQ stop.
But PaulA didn’t stop. He drove past Dairy Queen.
That did it for me.

I broke the ice, “I can’t believe you didn’t stop.”
PaulA, feigning ignorance, “Oh, you wanted ice cream?”
“Of course,” I said, “we ALWAYS stop…you did that on purpose.”
He replied, “I’ll turn around and go back.”
So I continued with the childish behavior, “No, forget it. I don’t want it.”
PaulA replied, “I’m going back. I want one.”
I squawked, “What? You never get ice cream.”

Soo..PaulA turned the car around, pulled up to the DQ…and came back smiling with a large vanilla cone. As we drove off…he ate the cone with obnoxious exaggerated slurping sounds,
“ooh, schllupp, ahh…this is so good…yumm.”

I am not sure what came over me. I didn’t even think about it.
In one motion…I reached over, grabbed the cone out of his hand…and threw it out my opened window.
He looked at me….I looked at him…. and we both cracked up laughing.
No more argument…no more silent treatment.

So here’s the moral of the story:
It’s always best to talk things out…
silence is best replaced by laughter,
and the biggie….
don’t ever, EVER, come between me and my DQ!


Chelsea said...

That picture of you is SO cute mom!

And that story is one of my favorites. Because I can picture it all. and that is SO DAD to then go “oh I want one now” and make all the slurping noises.

Although I have to say, reading this… clearly I AM your child. Because I am so like youuu

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Torrie said...

This is incredibly true- both for my husband & I, and for my kids (on many occasions). many similar circumstances :).

Thanks for stopping by on Friday! Nice to meet you, and to discover a new blog!

Clare B said...

Great story - can imagine me and my partner doing a similar thing. Very childish, but someone very funny too.

Dawn said...

This is a riot...Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo