Thursday, June 16, 2011

Clothing Optional

Do you dress your dog in outfits?
Maybe a Paris Hilton doggie ensemble? 

Our Duncandog walks around unclothed, and I prefer it that way.
Au hairy naturale.
Except when the groomer puts a bandana around his neck
after a grooming/torture session.

Some bandanas look okay, but most make him look fruity…
so as soon as we are out of the groomer's presence...I rip them off.
I wouldn’t want to offend our groomer. Duncandog and I totally respect her.
Duncan respects her because she uses scissors on him.
She has him by the bojangles…one slip and he isn’t singing a happy tune anymore.
I respect her because she calls girl dogs “bitches.” I could be next.


I have dressed Duncandog in a black satin bowtie for New Year's Eve 
hoping it would bring him a little decorum and better table manners.

I remember a particular New Year's, when we had good friends visit
with their dogs, Bogey and Moses.
At midnight we put party hats on the dogs and had them smile for the camera.  
We were all a wild bunch of Party Animals…especially by the stroke of midnight.

Big C (our clothes hound) has always wanted Duncandog to wear an outfit.
It’s probably because she has friends with little dogs they dress up in bows and clothes.
 So Chelsea begged (please, please, please) for something special for Duncan to wear.

I became tired of Chelsea’s attire request, so I decided to appease her (down, girl).
I got Duncandog a white jersey with her alma mater “Bama” printed on the back.
Although Dunks wasn’t a willing participant, we managed to stretch it over his physique...
honed from years and years of Milk Bones.
Remarkably, it made him look athletic and even a mascot candidate for the Crimson Tide.
Roll Tide.

Duncandog was an instant hit. The kids loved his new look and I think Duncandog did too …
mainly because everyone gave him A LOT more attention. 
His new fans gave him treats, played with him, and showered him with praise.

See what some cool new threads can do for you?
Suddenly you become a people magnet and they can't get enough of you.


Jayne said...

How cute Kat!!
Melvin has many sweaters and coats LOL

heather @ mrs. southern bride said...

Haha, too cute! Our little dog has a t'shirt that I like him to wear when company comes over. I'd like to find a surfer shirt for the summer to add to his collection. :)

Chelsea said...

my dunc is so cuuuute :)

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