Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Vintage dresses, Vintage jewelry, Vintage cars.
Apparently vintage has made a come-back and it’s cool to be vintage.
(So does that mean your granny’s got game?)

When you get to be my age...vintage can be an eloquent euphemism for
archaic, obsolete, outdated.

Although I can appreciate the value of an antique...I prefer new stuff.
Scratch free, Dent free, un-faded.

Keep the restored Thunderbird...Give me a spanking new Bentley.
(Not to be confused with that bad boy, Bentley, on The Bachelorette...who needs a spanking.)

Keep the dress with essence of mothball...Give me the latest couture.

Keep the tarnished broach...Yurman, por favor.

Vintage, Schmintage, Mintage.

Wait, I don’t have a problem with MINTAGE....torn, rumpled , stinking money.
Love old money.


In my haste to bag the collective world of vintage...
I should say I am fond of some vintage...Perfectly Aged to Perfection.

Wine. All wine...Red, white, and all shades in between.
Every year adds taste.


Friends....always classic and never out-of-style....
never considered obsolete, outdated, antiquated, or passé.

Oh, and the perfect Vintage Combo...

A bottle of fine wine shared with old friends.


Chelsea said...

I was wondering where my blogger mama went was! This was a very clever post and very true! Wine and friends, it’s a pretty good combo. And when you throw in family... jackpot! Can't wait to see everyone next month!

Pat Mc said...

I know I never post a comment- but wine and old friends is a perfect combo! Looking forward to Manomet and both!

Anonymous said...

Yup - couldn't agree more. Cannot wait for Florida! xxs

Torrie said...

"the perfect Vintage Combo"...

Now, that's truly the best "vintage" around.

(and possibly a little less expensive... depending on the wine, I guess :))