Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Brianna!

What is cheery  and a breath of fresh air?
(No...not Febreze......but you are close!)

EZ Breezy.....Brianna...
and she smells a lot better!  

Today Brianna is TWENTY years old.  Woot Woot.

Goodbye Teens...Hello Twenties.

Who of any.....
wouldn't want to spend time on Breezy Street?

It's always a good time... when you hang with Bri.
And the sun is always shining on Breezy Street.

B is for bubbly and beloved

R is for radiant, real, and really radiant

I is for intelligent and innovative

A is for amiable and altruistic

N is for natural and nice....and naturally nice

N is for nocturnal :)

A is for adorable (inside and out)

Happy Birthday, Sweet Wish!!!!!  We love YOU!


Chelsea said...

happy birthday bri!!! you may be my little sister but i look up to you in so many ways! love you lots!

Anonymous said...

Happy Bri-day!!!! xo

Sistersledge said...

B stands for beautiful - inside and out! Happy Birthday Bri! Love the Straws

Breezy said...

My comments wouldn't post last week but I re-read it today (my 20th and one week) and I still love it just as much!! So sweet. Love YOU, love my FAMILY, and love my FRIENDS