Friday, June 3, 2011

The Stanley Cup

Let's go BRUINS!

Ahhh Hockey...the sport where fighting, facial hair, and f-bombs are the norm.

I don't normally watch hockey, but the Boston Bruins are playing in the Stanley Cup Final which hasn't happened since 1990...and  hasn't been won since 1972.  
I've decided they need me as a fan.

I don't know about you, but I find watching hockey on TV  hard work. 
Some people have eyes that naturally track the puck,  
but mine don't work that way.

My eyes don't know where to look on the ice.  There is just so much to watch...
the players, the puck, the positioning, and it's all happening so pfast.
I always seem to miss a goal...even when I'm intently watching.  
I must blink a lot.

I'm not sure why I have so much trouble.  The contrasts are in my favor.
The puck is black and the ice is white;
we have a large screen TV with High Definition;
PLUS I'm from Vermont, which is as close to being Canadian as you want to get.

If it wasn't for an occasional slow things head would be spinning.

(I do get a chuckle watching players in the corner boards digging the puck out of their crotch.  
Well, that's how it looks anyway from the TV camera angles.)


LIVE Hockey is far more entertaining than watching hockey on television.  Plus you get the added benefit of the sound of the skating, swearing, shouting, and zaboning.

The first NHL game I ever attended was a Hartford Whalers game.  We had seats right next to the ice and when 2 players crashed the boards at full force...Chelsea,  Bri, and I  screamed and threw our popcorn in the air.  
Holy Puck.
Now that is what I call fun.

I'm gonna keep working on my hockey spectating skills and hopefully see a Boston Bruins VICTORY.

Hmmm...something just occurred to me....this guy Stanley in the Final....
he sure has a big cup.


Breezy said...

Hahaha "holy puck"!!! I miss the Whalers! Every time I wear my whalers hat/jersey/shirt/sweatshirt (lots of swag) I get compliments and high fives from ANYONE from CT.

Also, the big Bruins game is on the same night of my party... do you think if I called the NHL they could move it to tonight? Yeah, didn't think so.

Chelsea said...

Let’s go whalers! Guess WHAT. I think I’m bad luck.
its the hockey curse of Chelsea. Because when I lived in CT the whalers left. When I lived in Alabama they had no hockey team and NOW that I live in Atlanta… I just found out the other day… that the Thrashers, the NFL hockey team here, is LEAVING… moving to Canada!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Thanks for visiting my blog this morning. But I'm sorry to tell you... the Canucks are going to win that cup! Just you wait and see ;~)

PS: As a Canadian, I have eyes that can follow that little puck around the ice, no problem. I think it's something we're all born with up here!