Thursday, June 23, 2011

If you were a Tree....

In my dreams, I see it...

I’ve reached the Pinnacle...the Apex...The Peak...of my made-up profession.
I’ve attained Renowned Blogger status (sadly now, I’m a mere Blogger Extraordinaire).
After years and years of blogging and clawing my way up the blogging ladder,
I’m sitting down for an interview with Barbara Walters.

And I have NO trouble answering BaBa WaWa's iconic, moronic, idiotic question:

“If you were a tree, what kind would you be?”

You might think I’d choose a Maple tree, because I’m originally from Vermont,
and Vermont is noted for its D’licious maple syrup …and also because...
I tend to run sappy, especially in the spring.
Or maybe you would think a Weeping Willow...
because I'm known to cry when I’m happy, sentimental, sad, bored, and hungry.

But, alas, you would be wrong.

I would be a Palm tree.

I love Palm trees. They are graceful with their feather-shaped leaves that sway in the gentle breeze.
And if I was a lucky Palm…I would be endowed with EXTRA large coconuts.


I got to thinking...hmmm.....

What tree would PaulA choose?

Maybe an Olive tree?
(That way he would have a handy supply of olives for his martinis.)
But he could also be a Blackberry tree.
PaulA has an affinity for his Blackberry...or a Torch for his Blackberry...wait, or is that a Storm?

If I were to choose a tree for PaulA, I would choose an Oak tree.
PaulA is very strong and solid, thrives in a loam soil, and requires very little maintenance.
(Don’t worry…I won’t talk about his acorns.)

Our kids probably would choose a different tree for their dad’ums.

A Money Tree.

Preferably one with branches loaded down with 100 dollar bills.

(And it would need daily pruning.)

So if you were a tree, what kind would you be?


Chelsea said...

mommmmma this is clever again!!! i like it! i want to be a palm tree too! :)

Torrie said...

So funny =).

Hmmm. Maybe a Meyer lemon tree... a little sweet a little tart, & I love all four CA seasons.

Tucker said...

i think i'd be a palm tree too (:

Breezy said...

hahah! Scratch dad having to be the money tree-- I'D be a money tree.... that grows by the beach!