Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Starbucks at 40

Headline: Starbucks hits 40 this year.

So how does Starbuck look at 40 years? Any wrinkles? Any bulges? Any vision loss?

Hey, after 40 years you would think you’d see some signs of aging. But in this case…Forty never looked so good. She’s showing no worse for wear. She’s still going strong, and you don’t get the sense of her slowing down.

Starbucks may have gotten a few wrinkles in the face of the last recession a year and a half ago… when she had to close over 900 shops. But since then, she’s made a transformation…her last quarter was the best in her 40 years. A little nip and tuck AND some injectables to the bottom line can work wonders.

Over 40 years, Starbucks’ frame has stayed pretty trim with beverages such as Chai tea and skinny drinks. But you can be sure she will be expanding with the addition of Starbucks Petites...8 cravable sweets, such as cake pops, whoopie pies, and mini-cupcakes. These new products are expected to add a little bulge to the bottom line. This will add to her base and profit her as she continues to age.

Starbucks still has a lot of moxie and mojo…showing no signs of being sluggish. You don’t get the sense that at age 40, she is slowing down. You don’t hear of any creaky and broken down joints. Starbuck’s joints are always kept in tip-top condition and run like a well oiled machine.


Even at 40, Starbucks still has good vision. She has always changed and postured herself with the times (Yoga probably has helped.) She still has perfect 20/20 vision…and without Lasik, she clearly sees her direction.

Many are jealous of Starbucks and her unique ability to still look young, perky, and relevant in a competitive world.

I hope I look that good when I’m 40. :)

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CCH said...

ha ha ha!!

I hope so too!