Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In Win It

Do you play computer games against people you don’t know? I normally don’t engage in games with people I’ve never met. One exception: I play against a game of “I’ll Beat Your Ass” for a seat on Southwest Airlines.

If you don’t care where your ass ends up... you probably don’t play the game. But if you do this are right there battling it out in cyberspace with strangers...fighting tooth and pull a low boarding pass number.
You are in win it.

If you are a know how the Southwest game is played. Exactly 24 hours before your scheduled log on to and print your boarding pass...which also gives you your group (A,B,C) and number to board the plane.

The A group (The Achiever Group) is for winners. (duh) The B group (The Blah Group) is loserVille. The C group (The Crappy Group) ...need I say more?


This is how my last game on was played......

T Minus 30 minutes... I feel the pressure mounting so I shake out my jitters with a few jumping jacks. I check my clicker to make sure it’s working.

T Minus 15 minutes...I pull up the Southwest check-in screen and enter my name and confirmation number. I feel my heart speeding up and adrenalin kicking in.

T Minus 10 minutes...I look to make sure I’ve spelled my name right. I’m not entirely sure if the last character of my confirmation number is the number ‘8’ or letter ‘B’. WTH? This adds a degree of difficulty to the game.

T Minus 5 minutes....I decide to go with ‘B’.
T Minus 4 minutes...I stare at the clock on the screen and practice not blinking.
T Minus 3 minutes....The pressure is building. I sweat on the screen. Ode to Kat.
T Minus 2 minutes...I scream at the screen. BRING IT ON, SUCKA.
T Minus 1 minute...I am pumped. I have my right forefinger lightly placed on the clicker....careful not to set off a premature click.
T Minus 30 seconds...I stare wide-eyed at the clock during the final countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....ZERO

I hit “submit” and hold my breath.......

BINGO ....A48.

My ass will be seated in The Achiever Group.

I feel a sense of accomplishment. Some people run marathons (AWESOME job, Frankie) and some win at the game of “I’ll Beat Your Ass.” Frankie and Woo hoo.

BTW...PaulA hasn’t played the game yet. Looks like The Crappy Group for PaulA.. ..back that ass up.

But should PaulA be EXTRA nice to me over the next 24 hours...I might consider saving him a seat with us winners.


Anonymous said...

I do the same thing... Ya think we could spend the extra 10 bucks for automatic check-in??... nah!!! i welcome the challenge. It's the only computer game I'm decent at!

Frances said...

This blog had me laughing!
"back that ass up"
I'm glad you're on the "A" squad. Go Kat Go!

Thank you for the shout out!