Thursday, March 3, 2011

Canned Sheen

It’s only human nature to stare at a crash, or a car that has careened off the road into a ditch. We all do it.

Human rubber necks...wearing turtlenecks...staring at broken necks...causing bottle necks.

And while we’re rubbernecking...we’re thinking, “Whew...glad that ain’t me.”

Apparently Charlie Sheen is the proverbial car wreck we can’t stop from watching. Granted, we can’t help it, because the media plays him 24/7. But maybe the media is satisfying our appetite by spoon feeding us what we really want...Canned Sheen.

Obviously Charlie Sheen has some major problems, but it would be nice if the media turned off the spotlight they have focused on him. Take away his forum.

It seems that every day there is new Charlie crash...adding to his 12 car pile-up. Do we need to watch him crash and burn any further? He’s cooked his own goose long enough.

Charlie Sheen has become easy fodder for late night comedians, tabloids, and so-called news shows like “The Today Show.” Someone needs to rise up above this...and direct the rubber necking public off the low road...and onto the high road.

Besides...there will be others. Wait a few days and there will be another Hollywood crash and burn victim.


The Sheen is well worn off Charlie and he appears to be in dire need of real help.

And we continue to say to ourselves, “Whew...glad that ain’t me.”

Canned Sheen...a huge can of cooked goose.

I’m full of it. How about you?

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Frances said...

I think he has gone crazy! He has passed four drug tests!

He obviously needs some sort of help. It is kind of sad. Especially for the children!