Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Everyone has their own Comcast story. A tale of a time Comcast made you run the gauntlet…forcing you to throw down the gauntlet. And we’re not talking a game for Xbox.

Here’s mine:

I logged on to Comcast.com to pay a bill, but encountered a typical problem…I couldn’t remember my password. (Remembering numerous passwords, PINS, userwords, and security questions has become impossible.) Before I was allowed to create a new password for my account…I had to answer a security question. “What is your favorite beverage?”

Huh? I hadn’t remembered choosing that question, but I figured it would be a breeze...slam-dunk/down-the-hatch easy. Heck, I know my favorite drinks. So I entered:

Wine? NOPE
Margarita? NOPE
Vodka Tonic with lime? Nope NOPE

I gave it my best shot…but I came up short in the beverage category.

They then instructed me to enter an instant messaging chat room with an agent named “Charlie”, who was there to “help”…which is a total crock of “pleh.” (“Help” spelled backwards.)

Our IM convo went:

Agent Charlie: “Hi, this is Charlie. Please provide the following information so I can authenticate your account:

Full name
Comcast account number (which is 13 digits long)
Billing address
4 digit social security

(Woo Hoo. I had all 4 numbers. Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing. 100 percent on my first test.)

Agent Charlie: Thank you. Please wait a few minutes.

Wait.. wait.. wait..

Katwoman: “Any more hoops, Charlie?”

Agent Charlie: “What is the 4 digit security pin you used during your installation of your phone service?”

Katwoman: “From 5 years ago?”

Agent Charlie: “What is the 4 digit security pin you used during your initial installation of your phone service?”

Katwoman: “Hey…my Blood Type is AB+ and my shoe size is 6 and half. I used to be a size 6 before children. If you were a woman, Charlie, you would understand.

Agent Charlie: “I need this to authenticate your account.”

Katwoman: “Sorry Charlie, but this is comcastic ridiculous. There’s more security on my Comcast account than there is security at a Dave Matthews concert. “The Space Between”… is huge. Buh Bye, Charlie.


I decided to go back to the first screen and try again with my favorite beverage. I was determined to give it the ole college try…just like most college students do with their beverages.

Rum Runners? NOPE
Beer? NOPE
Water? BINGO

Apparently water is my favorite beverage? Go figure. I must have been on the security question wagon that day.

I was then asked to come up with a new password…one that would be considered strong…something between 8 and 14 characters in length and containing at least one capital letter and one special character.

I decided to think of something I would not have a chance of forgetting. Easy…………Comcastsucks!

“Hey Charlie, that strong enough for ya???”


ComcastCares1 said...

Sorry for the experience. Your security is highly important to us and that is why we ensure that your security is safe.

I apologize that we were not able to assist when you contacted us. I'd like to share your experience with my colleagues. If you don't mind, will you please contact us and provide your info and a link to this page?


Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

Ross said...

Comcast doesn't care, btw.

Just want to know you saved me I don't know how much time. After searching and landing on your blog post, I entered "Water" as my secret answer and got in as well. Must be the default for that security question.

Preston Steele said...

Thank you oh so much. I too struggled with this question as you did and came to the same conclusion. I googled " answer to security question what is your favorite beverage comcast" and your blog came up. And for that, I thank you. Apparently we all love water.

Rsj said...

Same here. Thank you. I have been waiting to talk to a Live Chat agent for 45 minutes (I have and may always be "number 5 in the queue"). I was surprised because I never set up a Comcast ID (confirmed when I retrieved it easily with my address- it was my name and numbers that I would have never used) and then stumped on the password, then further stumped by my security question, which I wouldn't know the real answer to if you asked me at a bar. Come to find out, it is Comcasts way of securing my account for me. Phew, so if you just know my address and Google the security question, you're in! At least I don't have to keep waiting.

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