Monday, March 14, 2011

Apple Confession Bytes


I did it. I downloaded the confession app from Apple. Just like I promised. This Kat always keeps her promises, except for the ones that I make with my fingers crossed behind my back. (Did I mention I’m 10 years old?)

Here is my review:

The confession app is pretty simple…you don’t need a higher power or divine intervention to help you figure it out. Just half a brain. BINGO. I have that.

First you enter your name and choose a password. It’s important to choose a password that no one could easily figure out…like, 007GodSquad.

There is a list of the Ten Commandments. When you click on a commandment…questions appear having to do with that particular sin. Next to each question is a place to make a check mark…should that sin apply. Example: Have you wished evil upon another person? Let me think. Does hoping the guy who cut me off in traffic hits the curb and flies out his window....count? It does?….CHECK mark.

There is a 'Custom Category' where you can write-in sins that don’t fall neatly into the Ten Commandments. Like on a voting ballot, when you feel strongly about voting for someone not listed. Like say 'Charlie Sheen for President.' You would think that pretty much every sin would be covered under the Big Ten. Maybe poking fun at Apple’s confession app is a sin. CHECKmark.

There is also a place to keep track of the date of your last confession...and a section with prayers that you could be asked to say when you are actually facing the priest during confession…or hiding from him behind the curtain.


I think the Apple confession app has the potential to sour. What if some hacker, figures out your password? Hey, it’s done all the time. (BEWARE of the computer geeks you let look at your computer for glitches…they’re really in the business of peeking into personal files.)

Also…be careful you don’t accidently leave the confession app open and say run to the bathroom, thus…exposing your sins. Try holding it…either, the act or the app. A list of sins in the hands of the wrong people…or any people…could be devaSTING. I emphasize STING in devasting.


When Adam and Eve bit into the Apple…that was original sin. Don’t you find it interesting that the Apple logo is a bitten apple? YIKES. So it only makes sense that Apple would be the first to offer a confession app. Hmm...I wonder what sins they have to diclose?

Just as long as my Apple products don’t have worms….I’m good.

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CCH said...

oh this is so cool! i wish i could get apps!! ps i laughed out loud when you said "did i mention i'm 10 years old" hehehe