Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Orchard of Questions...Why?

Why do I like to blog?
Whyyyyy, Why Me?

Could my blogging tendency mean that I'm...?
Possessed? Repressed? Obsessed?

When the blogging urge hits...I sit down at the computer, type like a wild katwoman, and then fix the typos. Otherwise it would look like: Fro soem reson I lik to bolg. You might be able to read pig latin, but why should you? You deserve better than that. ixnay upidstay.

I can't help myself with this blogging addiction. I haven't found a way to break the cycle. It really is just as much of an addiction as some people have with...alchohol, drugs, food, and shoes. Just add it to the list. Sex addicts got nothing on me.

Maybe there is a distinct reason as to why I like to blog. Maybe looking at my roots would help to show why I roll the way I do. But usually looking at my roots helps to show my age, requiring a mandatory trip to the hairdresser.

Biologically, I've passed this blogging tendency on to my children. I'm not a geneticist, but I believe the blogging gene isn't carried on the Y chromosome. Colinboy has not been pulled into the blogging abyss. He would rather jam than blog.

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. My girls, Apple 1 and Apple 2, have been bitten by the blogging worm and are only a few seed spits from a full out addiction...especially Apple 1 (Big C). (Stay with me here...I will give you give extra credit later.) It's just Colinboy who has had the strength to resist temptation and disrupt the blogging cart.

Chelsea's blog is flourishing at: Chelseacoleen.blogspot.com
Brianna's blog is thriving at s0undtrack0fmylife.blogspot.com


I usually have my head in blogworld. If I'm not writing a blog, I'm thinking about writing one. PaulA tells me that I would have NO trouble "doing time"...just as long as I had my computer with me. Now there's a thought.

PaulA might be onto something (on something?) Hmmm...What can I do to get myself into a cozy 8 x 8 cell for a few months...but, nothing too wicked so they throw away the key.

I wouldn't want to be locked up forever, just enough time to get the juices flowing. Think of the material I would get from a little slammer time.


CCH said...

haha! that is funny, and so true, you would have NO problem! you take the cake for being able to write about so much, new topic after new topic!

Breezy said...

Chels is right!!!

I can't keep up with either of ya! Once finals week is over I'll be back at it though :)