Monday, March 28, 2011

DWD...Driving While Distracted

We've all driven behind someone who is driving erratically...someone who is weaving in and out of lanes or making wide turns. (Maybe that's YOU, I'm behind.) You can bet that person is distracted by something.

Some states ticket you for cell phone use while driving...but there are far more distractions that are less obvious: a ham sandwich, can of Red Bull, cigarettes, an iPod, the mirror. These are the times when we are fidgeting, tinkering, eating, and primping.

The police could be kept quite busy giving out tickets to drivers for DWD...Driving While Distracted. But not all distractions are easy to identify. My most frequent distraction has more to do with my mental state. (Careful now.) I can be simply...lost in thought. That's when I depend on my autopilot to take the wheel.

I can be driving down the road to do an errand...but thinking of something else (probably my next blog) and my autopilot suddenly takes over. Someday you will have to meet Jen, my automatic pilot.


We've all driven on autopilot...when after you've driven for a period of time, you arrive at your destination and you have no earthly idea how you got there. It's like you've had temporary amnesia...with no memory of the trip.

But for some reason, whenever I experience temporary amnesia...I find myself at the Post Office. I often frequent the Post maybe that's why Jen takes me there. She's an excellent driver, but not always the best with direction. I need to set up a meeting with Jen and address this situation, before I go postal on her.

Hey, seeing I'm at the Post Office...I might as well mail-in this lame blog.

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