Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Warm Spot for Nic Cage

Are you sick of hearing about another celeb flipping out? Every other day there is some celebrity, with some woman, doing some drinking, and a little something something.

This time it is Nicholas Cage.

Cage was arrested in New Orleans after drunkenly yelling at his wife over where their rental house was located. Don't you hate it when you forget where you live? Anyway, the cops were called and Nic being Nic...dared them to arrest him. (Note to self: Don't ever dare a cop.)

So Big Deal...just another celeb gone belligerent. But for me, this celeb is different because................
Nic and I are on a first name basis...
Well...not really.
Because we were once together...
in the same bar...and we shared the same couch.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Here's my Nic Cage Story.

PaulA and I and some friends were in NYC and decided to stop by the Whiskey Park for a night cap. After all...we are cool people, walking around...doing cool things.

And who do we see in the bar??? Nic Cage. And he didn't look happy. He actually looked pissed off. Of course he was surrounded by his peeps...but they weren't talking to him. They knew to stay clear or get their heads bit off.

If Nic was auditioning for a part that called for: brooding, sullen, and tormented...he would have had the part. NO Question. He wouldn't even have to read any lines...just give his Nic look.

During this Whiskey Bar scene, he was very quiet as he sat on a couch and stared at the floor. No one dared to bother him or autograph hound him. Heck, I wasn't about to go over and ask for an autograph. I knew better and apparently everyone there did too.

After 30 minutes of his Oscar winning performance...a limo pulled up and he left the scene...with this entourage in tow.

That's when I made my move. I ran over to the couch and sat down in his spot. And it was still warm. OOOoooooooo Feel the heat.


Speaking as someone who really knows Nic, take my advice:

If Nic is in character with his brooding look...Stay Away. Do NOT talk to him...or bother him for an autograph. If he can't find his way home...help him out...before he loses his cool.

And if he gets up from a couch...sit right down. He leaves a nice warm spot.

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