Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Earth Day Dirt

Last Friday, April 22, was Earth Day…so this past weekend many people took to the streets, parks, and beaches to do some spring cleaning. It’s all about taking care of Mother Earth.

For me, Earth Day has a different significance. An Earth Day can NOT go by without me remembering a particular Earth Day…many earth’s rotations ago. The day I wanted to bury an elementary school principal…six feet into the Motha Earth.

But instead of risking jail time away…I just stomped and tromped all over Mr. Principal with the tread of my earth shoes.

I’m sure you’re wondering what earthly reason I could have to go after a school principal...especially one who was very popular with parents and kids.

To break it down and sum it all up…Chelsea was in the fifth grade and had attended an Earth Day Fair during school. When she got off the bus, she excitedly told me that during the fair, a man in one of the booths stuck her with needles. A man? Needles?

I immediately called Mr. Principal. Apparently the man was an acupuncturist and used Chelsea to demonstrate his art of stick ‘em. When a teacher saw what was going on…she shut him down. But that was after Chels had become his pin cushion.

The principal did his best to assure me that Chelsea would be fine and wouldn’t come down with the dreaded pin cushion disease that I was worried about. But it was hard to calm me down.

He knew I was upset: “Where on earth is it okay to stick your child in school without permission? Who on earth would do this? What on earth is going on?”

And my final promise/threat: “If ANYTHING happens to Chelsea…If she comes down with so much as a sniffle…You will be living a HELL on earth.”


It is instinctive for mothers to move heaven and earth to protect their young…no matter what species they belong to. And this Kat…would do anything to protect her kittens. Anything.

I’ve occasionally run into Mr. Principal around town…(not run over)…and we are very cordial, but I do give him the stink eye…just so he remembers that I have dirt on him.

And Mr. Principal never fails to forget my name. I’m sure he has told his wife…should he ever go missing…check the area for...earth shoe prints.

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Chelsea said...

oh i love this!!! and remember it very clearly!!