Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Huskies - Best In Show

The dog contest is over. By now we all know what dog was BEST IN SHOW...The University of Connecticut HUSKIES! Woof Woof

Okay, so the show wasn't exactly pretty.

Okay, so the show was kinda ugly.

But the Huskies were less ugly than the Bulldogs. (I could have told you that before the game. But maybe you like the Bulldog wrinkled snout and underbite.)

As spectators, we might have seen a lot more panting than prancing...a lot more fatigue than finesse, but it was still a fun show to watch. So we should throw them a bone. Or a biscuit.

So what caused both dogs to not perform like they normally do in the grand ring? Were the Bulldogs and Huskies distracted...by the size of the arena...the bright lights...the spectators? People screaming and waving their hands can pull a dog off his mark.


Every dog has his day, but this was the Huskies' night. The Huskies' handler, Jim Calhoun, had spent all season grooming his dogs for this big show. And the Huskies beat out their competition in all areas of show: appearance, agility, structure, movement, and temperament.

Granted, Calhoun had a good pedigree to work with, but they are young Huskies...many are mere pups...EXCEPT for Top Dog, Kemba.

The score was the Final JUDGE. 53-41


(ps. If any teams with dog mascots are in the final next year, I'm in big doggie-do. I've exhausted all dog references.)

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