Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Curry Rant

I have to share an email Sistersledge recently sent me:

Subject: !Rant!

Ann Curry sucks! She doesn't know how to interview someone who has gone through a traumatic experience! Someone should give her a script to follow because she doesn't have a clue. Her low comforting voice is stupid!

Have a nice day!

I got a real kick out Sistersledge's email for three reasons:
1. Ranting apparently runs in our family.
2. Ann Curry does SUCK. (Like. A. Hoover.)
3. When a rant is followed by "Have a nice day"...the "ranter" looks less like Charlie Sheen.

I couldn't agree more with Sistersledge. PaulA and I are always yelling at the TV during Curry interviews...especially if it is with someone who has suffered emotional or physical hardship. Suddenly it becomes the Ann Curry Show.

In an effort to come off as empathetic and sympathetic...Curry goes over the top. She hunches her shoulders, leans toward the person, and pats their knee. (Sometimes the essence of Curry can be too strong.) Her voice turns deep and serious, and her head nods like a bobblehead doll. I'm thinking her serious tone comes from envisioning her life without her 3 million dollar/yr salary.

It takes her about 5 minutes to get through one rambling, stumbling question...then she cuts them off when they begin answering.


I'm not saying NBC should fire Curry. It would be hard to rid the studio of Curry. Curry has real staying power.

Curry does have some benefits (beside medicinal). Curry is good on assignments...far away from the studio. She's reported from war zones and even bungee jumped off a bridge. You could never call her chicken Curry.

So who are Kat and Sistersledge to judge her? I realize there are those who are real fans of Curry.

Different spices for different palates. I prefer sweet and sour over Curry any day.



Chelsea said...

haha!! you know, i never paid too much attention to her when she interviewed people, i will have to watch for it.

aunst sistersledge is so funny. must run in our HILARIOUS, awesome family?


Sistersledge said...

I agree with you about Ann being good on assignment and bungee jumping but I don't like when she fills in as host. If they ever chose her to replace Meredith I will be done with the Today show! Oh and if Matt leaves forget about it! Meredith and Matt are the best team they've ever had!