Thursday, April 21, 2011

Donald Trump for President?

Sound the TRUMPets…Donald Trump for President.

What are the chances Donald Trump will run for President of the United States? Is this a show…a reality…or another reality show?

Let’s face it…The Donald is the King of Self-Promotion. You would be hard pressed to find another C-E-O with a larger E-G-O. I think he became a real-estate tycoon just to stamp his name on everything. Trump Towers, Trump Plaza, Trump Taj Mahal, Trump National Golf Course, on and on. If it can be bought and branded…his name is on it. He probably has a “Trump” tattoo.

Trump has stated that he will announce his Presidential bid during the finale of his Celebrity Apprentice Show. So is this a stunt to get more viewers? Hey, I’m already a faithful viewer. I’m eerily fascinated with his comb-over.

If this turns out to be just another ploy for attention…why would anyone listen to the Donald anymore? You can only cry wolf a few times...before the public hopes the wolf eats you and spits you out. (yum....tasty Trump meat.)

The Trumpster does have a few things going for him……
As the head of state, in the highest ranking office, he would have even more Trump cards to play. He's a natural leader when he carries all the Trump cards...and it would be very hard for other world leaders to out Trump him. He also would have no problem looking someone straight in the eye, pointing at them, and telling them “YOU’RE FIRED.” (His phrase is also branded.) Most importantly, his wife would be the First Hot Lady.


I’m a Republican (thank you very much)…but I’m not sure if I could vote for Donald. I agree with some of his statements…but…I might have to part ways…with his hairstyle.

Should The Donald decide to run for office…I offer a possible slogan (free of charge)…….. “Comb On Over to the Trump side.”

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