Friday, April 15, 2011

A Taxing Time

If you are a tax is your LUCKY DAY.

Don't get too's not like you can be delinquent like the delinquent Richard Hatch.  Even if you are a survivor on a remote cannot escape the long arms of THE MAN.

(Question to self:  Why am I calling the IRS ...the man? It must be a 70s throwback.)

It so happens that this  year we have been given a reprieve of more time.  Federal income taxes aren't due until Monday, April 18th.  Far out.  Three more days to think about them, talk about them, stress over them, and do nothing. 

And with e-filing...we don't have to truck on down to the post office.  Right on brother.

Taxes are one of those tasks we tend to put off until the  last possible minute, unless of course, the man OWES us...our own hard earned  bread. (Love 70s slang.)

Each year filing taxes is a pain..and a reminder of who we are really working for.  And it ain't THE Donald. 

I play a minor supporting  role in getting our 1040 prepared.  My job is to come up with the totals for charitable donations.   (Question to H&R Blockheads The Treatment Center for Whacky Obsessive Bloggers  considered a deductible charitable expense?)  


Do you know why your taxes aren't due until Monday? Or a better question...Do you care why your taxes aren't due until Monday?  Like the man...I'm   gonna stick it to you anyway.  

The reason is that April 15th is a holiday in  Washington D.C.  Washington normally celebrates Emancipation Day on April 16th but because this year it falls on a Saturday..the day of observance was moved to Friday, the 15th. Dig it?

So tax day got bumped.    And nothing is better than the  bump...unless of course it's the hustle.

As the saying goes...there are some things you can't escape...death...taxes...and blogs about deathly taxes.

Go ahead...Sock it to me!

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