Monday, April 4, 2011

Dog Fight in Houston

Dog fighting is illegal...except when it's the University of Connecticut Huskies VS the Butler University Bulldogs in the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

And Ladies and Gentlemen...this game promises to be a dog-eat-dog contest in the heart of Houston. Hot diggity dog meat. Both teams will want to dominate early and will fight each other to the bitter be the last dog standing.

The Bulldogs are dogs to watch...if you can get past their ugly faces. I prefer the face of the Husky. This Kat is rooting for UCONN. After all, I do live in Connecticut, and I also sing the National Anthem at Husky games. Besides my Alma mater is the University of Vermont, which doesn't make a habit of going to the NCAA Basketball Tournment. (Different story on ice and snow.)

The Final is being held at Reliant Stadium on a big stage...big in importance and big in place. Everything is BIG in Texas. Both dogs want to play their best and will refuse to dog-it before the final minute has been played.

Both the Huskies and the Bulldogs have played before in a Final for the National Championship. Both dogs have worked hard and been trained every trick in the playbook. Rolling over and playing dead is NOT an option. They will be expected to follow every command from their leader...or end up in the doghouse.

When asked....they will jump. Or run. Or chase. Or sit and stay on the bench. (And beg to get back in the fight.) It will be a tough dog fight and not a walk in the park...but an ole fashioned licking. Anyway it goes....sometimes it's the lucky dog that ends up being top dog.


There will be a lot of people watching the dog fight tonight. Whether courtside among 75,000 other fans, on television, or online...there will be big names and celebs tuning the Bush's and Snoop Dog. You can bet Michael Vick will also be watching...he hates to miss a good dog fight.

Should the Huskies become dominant over the Bulldogs and win this dog will be a BIG treat for the Huskies AND all their fans.


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