Monday, April 18, 2011

Making Waves

When you marry someone, you marry everything that comes with them. You know THE vows... "in sickness and in health, in holey blue t-shirt and old brass lamp." Your spouse's favorite stuff is part of them. It's a package deal.

So when I married PaulA...I married his waterbed. Or the H2Obed, as I like to call it. (The Periodic Table of Elements is one of my favorite things.)

When we moved to Jacksonville, FL, I casually suggested leaving the H2Obed behind and buying a regular bed...but that idea was dead in the water as soon as I mentioned it.

Man Overboard! You would have thought I suggested something kill it with scissors, and have it die a slow leak. PaulA poked so many holes in my argument that it didn't hold water with him. Being the compromising Kat that I am...I decided I didn't want to make waves. Blood is thicker than water, so I decided I should compromise.

We took the plunge...and the H2Obed moved with us.

Get a hose. Fill 'er up.


I eventually learned to sleep on the high seas. When PaulA would roll over and create a 3-foot wave, I learned to move with the wave and not fight it. Sometimes the undertow would take me back out and I'd go completely under and resurface; gasping for air. But that just happened maybe once or twice.

Over time I learned the advantage and power of the big waves. The H2Obed was especially helpful when I became pregnant. When I got so large that getting out of bed became difficult, PaulA would start a wave from his side and I would ride that wave out of bed. Hang 10.

When Baby C was born...she too learned to ride the waves. She could Hang 10 with her adorable baby toes.

But can lead a horse to water, but not make a Kat drink. When we later moved to St. Louis, the H2Obed did not make the journey. Come hell or high water...the idea of another H2Obed move was dead in the water with me. I knew PaulA would not like my suggestion, but I was willing to risk being in hot water with him.

I'm not sure if H2Obeds are popular anymore...or if it was just a fad, a craze, a thang. But I like to think back and remember cute lifeguard, PaulA and his H2Obed...back in the day.

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Breezy said...

haha...This is so funny, I never knew this story!