Wednesday, April 27, 2011

No License Required

Did you hear about the minors in the news last week who were served alcohol?

Underage kids posing as legal age is nothing new. It’s an age old scam kids have been attempting to pull off through the ages. They’re working what I call the “Farkus Factor.” (Named after someone I know who used a license with the name of “Farkus.”)

Sometimes the license is perfect with an actual resemblance….but then sometimes…there is something else that gives it all away………….

Like when…imposter Farkus used his I.D. to gain entry into a Boston tavern. The bouncer examined the license and asked, “ You’re from New York?” Yea. Man. “Then why are you wearing a Red Sox cap?” Ummmmm


The minors in the recent news never tried to pull a Farcus and flash a fake I.D. They didn’t have to…they were served direct to their high chairs. These kids weren’t even three years old.

Apparently there are places where minors don’t need to go through the trouble of photo shopping a fake I.D. They just need to go to Olive Garden or Applebees and ask for the “sippy cup.” There are some strong drinks being sipped through those straws.

At an Applebees in Michigan a child was given a margarita instead of an apple juice and at the Olive Garden in Lakeland, FL another child was given a tropical sangria instead of an orange juice. Woo hoo. Yippe ki yay.

I used to think it was the sugar responsible for kid's boisterous...crazy...lamp shade wearing behavior…but apparently it’s the “juice.”

Bartender, I’ll have what they’re having.

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