Thursday, February 25, 2010

YouTube Bube

You might not realize this…but if you post a video on YouTube…it could come back to bite you in the butt…or even land your butt in jail...singing the "Folsom Prison Blues." Especially if it has you captured in illegal activity.

Gee…and to think a site seen by a million people a day can have that effect.

YouTube is better than a fallible human witness, trying to recall what they actually saw……..

Witness #1: “Yes, your honor. I got a good look at the bank robber. He was a slim man, wore a goatee, and had a tattoo of a frog on his neck.”


Witness #2: “Yes, your honor. I got a good look at the bank robber. He was 400 lbs, wore a fu manchu, and had a tattoo of a dragon on his face.”

Today people carry their cell phones with them wherever they go. Shit…even to the bathroom…recording even the most mundane movements (sorry for the potty humor.) Sometimes, however, these devices prove to be useful when recording more monumental events. Recently, YouTube was used by the cops to point out people involved in drag races, fights, and the riot after the NBA Final last June.

A video recording is also better than a witness whose credibility is shoddy…like an ex-con with an axe to grind. Or someone holding a grudge…wanting to get back at you for that rake you never returned.

So what’s the point of this BS story, Katwoman???

Simple. If you’re looking to star in your own video…looking to be a headliner..and you’re doing things that could get you into a heap of trouble…wear a different head. I would suggest an Elvis…people are always spotting Elvis in different places and it can help add to the confusion. Recently, Elvis was spotted at a mall in Peoria and a bar in Key West…on the same day. You could Shake, Rattle, And Roll yourself out of trouble.

Be careful with what you post on YouTube…try to be Johnny B. you too, don’t become a Youtube Bube...doing the Jailhouse Rock.

ps....Don't Be Cruel...I know I'm a Hound Dog/kat.

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