Sunday, February 14, 2010

Colintines Day

This is a special day. A Colin birthday. Special to Colin …and forever special to us.

Colin, unfortunately, won’t be home to put in his menu request for the traditional birthday dinner. The birthday dinner...when we sit around the table to celebrate Colin and to talk about the day Colin arrived…………

Talk about how the night of my due date of February 13th, we saw the movie, Moonstruck, with our friends, the Caldwell’s…his eventual godparents. Talk about how the bucket of chicken wings we consumed helped to get things moving. Talk about how we got home at midnight, and 3 hours later I woke up with Colinboy wanting to enter the world. How we called the Caldwells and dropped Chelsea off at their house.

Talk about how when we arrived at the hospital, the doctor advised PaulA to quickly put on the paper gown and paper booties to cover his street clothes…Colinboy was coming fast. How I got ticked when I caught PaulA yawning during one of my contractions…and yelled, “AM I BORING YOU?”

Talk about how Colinboy was born at 4:59 a.m. and the nurses whisked him away to Newborn ICU because he had no voice…no cry. How at 8 lbs 15 ounces …he casted a huge shadow over the preemies in ICU. How I freaked out for hours, wondering what was going on with my baby boy. And how I was later relieved to find out his only problem was immature vocal cords.

Talk about how I noticed that PaulA was wearing a red V-neck sweater that morning…and then realized it was Valentine’s Day. Talk about how our baby Cupid…is an expression of our love.

Colin may not be with us on this special day, but Colin is with us.
Happy Colintines Day!


big C said...

this is sweet!!!! Happy Colintines Day!

Anonymous said...

so cute, love this blog and hearing this story again!