Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kat's Safety Tips

Here are a few safety tips (free of charge for my favorite blog readers):

DO NOT drink Clorox …regardless of how thirsty you are.
DO NOT play with a loaded revolver…especially if you are not Russian.
DO NOT hold a tarantula…in close proximity to your face.

Okay, these tips seem obvious …seem like a Duh…but apparently there are people out there with pet tarantulas…not to mention revolvers, and gallons of Clorox.

Most people know that a tarantula can bite, but may not realize a tarantula’s tiny hairs can be just as dangerous…and can injure a handler’s eyes.

This happened to a man cleaning the tank of his pet Chilean Rose tarantula. The tarantula released a mist of hairs in his face and eyes…which then lodged in his cornea. Just another reason NOT to own a life threatening wild exotic animal.

Aren’t you playing with fire by keeping a tarantula in your home? I'm not exactly sure how you get enjoyment from owning a tarantula...unless you get your rocks off by scaring the pants off your friends. Besides...there is always a chance your tarantula can find his way out. You may think it could never happen to you…BUT please consider even the most random of scenarios....

You pick up your hairbrush one morning and notice the hair on your brush is moving. You take a closer look…and come eye to eye with your fury spider...that you thought was safely locked up. You scream bloody spider murder…and throw the brush. You try to run for safety, but your socks cause you to slip on the tile floor…and you fall. Your head hits the floor hard, knocking you out. That’s when the spider sees his chance to get to know you better. He moves from the hairbrush…across the tile floor towards you. His legs moving…crawling …creepy crawling…up your hand, inch by inch, up your arm, inch by inch, up your neck, inch by inch, and then onto your face…releasing his tiny hairs into your eyes. I’m just saying…please consider all scenarios.

As for the revolver and Clorox…never mix the two.

Any other safety tips from Kat…will cost you extra.

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Anonymous said...

You had me laughing out loud!