Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Big Chill

Big Chill Hits Naples, Florida.

I don’t know if you follow the weather…but it has been particularly harsh this winter…the south included. Washington DC was completely snowed under…which interestingly enough…is what politicians do to us on an on-going basis. At least the weather is trying to help us get even.

Even southern Florida has had its share (crop) of adverse weather..with freezes damaging orange and grapefruit groves. Just don’t mess with the limes for my V and T’s.

I’m not exactly a meteorologist, but I’ve caught wind of the main reason for the weather…something to do with El Nino. Or is that Nina? Anyway, a little Spanish girl or boy has been wreacking havoc with the temps and rainfall in Florida this winter.

And whenever you go on a vacation…the weather is of paramount importance. So a lot of folks have been disappointed with their get-away winter Florida vacation this year. Disappointed to find temps taking a dive …when they were expecting to be the ones taking a dive. And hoping to get show off to their pale ass friends back home.

The last time we were in Naples, we didn’t escape the chilly weather either. It was chilly outside, and the The Big Chill inside.

The Big Chill. If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about here. The Big Chill…old college friends…friends with history …NOT to be confused with friends with benefits. That’s a different group and movie. Friends whose bonds are as strong as the cosmos Terry was pouring.

With The Big Chill soundtrack of our friendship playing in the background…we hung out, and enjoyed each other’s company, unfazed by the chilly temps.

There were, however, definitely others in Florida complaining about the chill…and they would really appreciate it if that Spanish kid would shut the damn door.

PS. Kat…being a woman, true to her word…did not post a Naples Big Chill picture.

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Anonymous said...

Considering what we left and what we returned to, the weather was great! The company was better. Good blog Kat.