Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bed Head

Unfortunately, it is VERY hard to escape BED HEAD. You know, waking up with your hair tousled and disheveled…very unruly…Gene Wilder like.

Bed head is an unavoidable repercussion from time spent sleeping in bed. It can also result from a hammock…but that would be called hammock head. Anyway, there is an easy solution.

With a quick shower, you can rid yourself of the dreaded bed head and get back to normal. Plus there are even bed head/hammock head products on the market…to make your hair ruly ...(the opposite of unruly.)

Another casualty of sleep, is the dreaded sheet face. That’s when you’ve slept face down, and you wake up with the wrinkled impression of your sheets on your face.

I prefer to use solid sheets and not printed sheets….so I don’t wake up with little daisies all over my face…aka daisy sheet face. Unlike bed head, it takes a lot longer for sheet face to fade away. A quick shower doesn’t really help.

But solid sheet face and daisy sheet face…should not to be confused with the sheet face from a night of drinking…aka drinking sheet face. If you had a really big night…this type of sheet face could take up to 24 hours to wear off.

(Sorry this blog is so lame. I wasn’t even sheet face…when I wrote it.)

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