Monday, February 22, 2010

Gator Happy

Why is it when tourists visit Florida…they get gator happy? I realize that Florida is Gator country…Home of The University of Florida Gators...gator this…and gator that, so I guess I can understand why a tourist is interested in seeing a 4-legged pocketbook...kinda.

Heck, if you went to Vermont, you’d probably want to see Ben and Jerry. If you went to Maine, you’d want to see a Moose. And if you went to New Jersey, you’d want to ride I-95.

Talk about rides…on Alligator Alley through southern Florida…every 2 miles there are airboat ride trips to see gators…to watch lazy over-grown reptiles not move on the bank of some knee deep swamp. Folks are just lining up to take a ride on a boat driven by some Jethro with a red neck and bushy mustache…who's crackin’ jokes, tellin’ gator tales, and threaten’ to dump you into 14 inches of water. Hee Haw.

And if you think those airboat owners aren’t laughing their red necks off by charging you big bucks for the ride…there is some swamp land in Florida I want to sell you.

At least the cost to ride a portion of I-95 in New Jersey is only $1.70.

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Anonymous said...

and the cost to see a "guido" in NJ is free! hehe