Friday, February 19, 2010

Sticking it to John Mayer

There are times when you should stick to what you know best. And not venture into territories that are out of your realm. For some reason there are celebrities who are accomplished at something…and feel they would be a natural at something else.

Take an actress turned singer…Minnie Driver, Scarlett Johansson…very lousy. Take a singer turned actress…Mariah Carey, Britney Spears…very, very lousy. Very rarely is the cross-over a good thing…unless you are Jennifer Hudson.

Which leads me to John Mayer. Okay, he’s not a singer turned actor…but lately he could get an Academy Award for his actions. “And the winner for Acting Like A Huge Ass Award goes to…John Mayer.”

Last month I read the smart aleck stuff he said in Rolling Stone Magazine …which was weird and hard to follow. Am I the only one in the Room for Squares?

But last week John was waay more offensive in an interview he did with Playboy Magazine and ruffled a lot of feathers. Even Oprah won’t let him on the show to atone for his comments…and she even let a bad guy, who bit off an ear, on her show.

Sometimes when Mayer opens his mouth...he does more damage than biting off an ear. He acts too smart for his own britches…with his edgy comments, and shock jock remarks. He should keep his mouth shut, unless of course, he’s singing his lyrics.

Sing it, John… “You’re body is a wonderland.”

Granted, Mayer is very intelligent, especially for a guy with only a high school degree. (And a year at Berklee College of Music.) His IQ could be over 140…but his Common Sense IQ is definitely around 14.

Although his Intelligence Quotient might be off the charts…he needs to cool off… with the off color commentary and off the cuff comments…especially before he ticks-off too many people…and finds his the music charts.

Kat’s advice. “Stick to what you know John…the business of making MUSIC...and your fans will be happy.

katOUT….a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE John Mayer fan.

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Anonymous said...

right now john mayer should be singing, "my stupid mouth, has got me in trouble, i've said to much again..."