Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Super Bowl Saturday

Did you watch the Super Bowl last Sunday? I’m guessing you did. 106 million people did, so the odds are in my favor. It was the most watched TV program ever…overtaking the M*A*S*H finale. I’m sure even Alan Alda tuned in.

Super Bowl XLIV (44, for you non-Romans) was good this year…not a super bore, or a super snore, which is sometimes the case. It was actually better than the commercials, and could have gone either way…until Manning threw the interception in the 4th quarter. Then you knew the Colts had no kick left in them.

And I really didn’t care who won, because our team, The Poopy Patriots, lead by Thomas Brady…didn’t make the big game this year. So I was a territory that could be claimed. I was up for grabs by either side. (I’m being formal with Thomas Brady…because I didn’t even recognize him this year. Who dat?)

Because I had no allegiances…I could either be Team Colts…because I like Peyton Manning and his commercials with his Bro. Or I could be Team Saints, because they hadn’t won before, it would be something positive for the city of New Orleans, and Drew Brees makes me think of a cool tropical day. Yes, I’ll have another Drew Brees, please.

The half time show was entertaining, in an old fart kind of way. A throw back to the rock of ages…back when rockers were rollers and half in the bag. I’m not sure why they don’t have young bands play during the half. I would be down with a younger band…but just don’t sick the Jonas Brothers on us…bow wow.

And if they wanted to go old school at half time…they should bring back college marching bands…and make that Tuba player work for his free 4 year scholarship…instead of sitting on his fat tuba.

My biggest beef (not corn beef, hate that) with the Super Bowl is that it is played on Sunday. I know traditionally games are played on Sunday, but they do have Monday Night Football (I’ve seen Faith Hill, strutting her vixen self) and also Thursday night don’t say it ain’t possible. Maybe a Super Bowl Saturday?

The Super Bowl game starts late for us East-coasters. Doesn’t anyone ever think about us …and our schedules? Sunday evening, an evening when you feel like you should be making school lunches and drying out…and NOT eating nachos, wings, and guzzling beer. Maybe the Super Bowl would have more audience…if the organizers listened to my helpful suggestions.

But then again, I’ve proved myself wrong…especially with the record number of people watching last Sunday. And also by the way Colinboy and his friend’s apartment looked on Monday morning…the morning after. I don’t think the day, or time the Super Bowl was played…was ever a consideration.

PS. Never allow your parents to enter your unattended apartment, unsupervised...the morning after a Super Bowl party.

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