Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mapping It Out

How do you get there from here?

Do you use Mapquest or Yahoo? Maybe you use a built-in GPS or a portable one? They sure can cut down on time spent going in circles...when all you have to do is plug in your starting address and your destination…and it automatically sets you on your Merry Way….or Merry Avenue.

But the question is: Do you know how to read a map…an old school paper map, the one with creases and folds? I remember in elementary school being taught how to read a map. Yes, I am ancient. With technology today, I’m sure map reading skills have been driven out of the curriculum.

Kids prefer the new school method. Colinboy uses Mapquest because he’s a young person and that’s what they know…but I happen to know he can read a map. Any family road trip we took, PaulA would get the map out and have Colinboy follow along. He probably didn’t want his son growing up...and stopping to ask for directions. PaulA wanted Colinboy to follow in his same tire tracks.

Regardless of what mechanism you use for directions…it is important, at the bare minimum, to have some reference point. It can come in handy to know at least which end is Canada, eh?...and which is Mexico..ole.

A lot of people like to name their GPS systems. They usually choose a woman’s name, because directions are mostly spoken in a woman’s voice. I’m guessing the GPS manufacturers decided on a female voice, because men hate asking for directions… and just might consider taking directions from a woman who sounds hot, sexy, and knows when to make a U-turn. “Turn here…Big Boy.”

I say, give me a map any day. I like to pull out a map…unfold it…and spread it out on the table. That way I can see what else is around my destination…just in case I need to take a detour. “Oh look, honey….we are near the Outlets.”

Whatever system works for you…whether it’s Sexy Monique with her big GPS…or an old school folding paper map…either way...will get you there from here.

Have a safe trip and enjoy the ride.

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Anonymous said...

here in boston the Citgo sign is my north star! It's how i get everywhere, and if i'm too far away for that, its the stuvi towers! the skyline at least gets me in the right (or left) direction!

ps. did you know they're giving the Citgo sign a "Face-lift"... they're making it brighter!

this is the song i sing while lost in beantown...!
twinkle twinkle citgo-star
how i wonder where you are
up above boston so high
like a compass in the sky
twinkle twinkle citgo-star
how i wonder where I AM??!!?!