Friday, November 14, 2008

The WE in US

If you were to overhear a conversation between parents, you would inevitably hear someone say “we” when referring to their child…with phrases such as: ‘we applied to college’ or ‘we have a game today.’ So you may wonder…Is the parent applying to Boston College? Does the parent play soccer too? What’s the “we” thing? They are talking about just their child, right? But then again, are they really?

The fact is…we so fiercely love our children and are so invested in them that we can’t help think…WE. WE are a package deal. It began when WE first laid eyes on our kids…at that moment WE were in this thing called ‘life’…together and forever.

WE want and feel for our children. WE are out there on the playground trying to make new friends. WE are hurting when someone makes fun of US. We are elated when making the team. WE are stressed over final exams. WE are beaming in the high school prom picture. WE are sad after learning the hard way. WE are jumping for joy over an ‘A’ in Chemistry. WE are nervous for the upcoming interview. WE are rooting, hoping, laughing, fearing, crying, and praying for our children.

So right now…WE (Sweet Wishy, PaulA and I) are getting those applications out to colleges…and in a few short months…WE will hear where WE are going to school next fall. And then WE will moving into the dorm. And then WE will be graduating from college. And then WE will be looking for a job. And then WE….

It will always be ‘WE.’ There will always be ‘WE’ in US.

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