Friday, November 7, 2008


Are you a pack rat? I wouldn’t say I was...maybe a packKat. I don’t hoard hair balls or anything, but I do find it hard to get rid of things, especially the kid’s things. So consequentially we have their old crib, cradle, clothes, toys…all a pale yellow and neatly stored in our basement. Okay, I lied. There are those worse than me. Oprah had a woman on her show who couldn’t stop buying stuff…she could hardly move around her house. At least I contain my mess to my basement.

The entrance to my storage side of the basement should come with a warning: “Danger. Do not go in there.” When I do decide to clean it out…I always start with good intentions. “Today, I am throwing all this shit away.” Then I pick one thing up …. “Awww. I remember when Colinboy puked on this…his first puke.” I never get anywhere. I even have some of the groovy clothes I wore in high school and college.

There is an upside to all this. This packKat stuff comes in handy. When Bri has to dress in some crazy outfit for lacrosse team spirit…and needs to be a her covered. Needs to be hippie…got her covered. Needs to be a bridesmaid…she’s covered 5 times over. And when Colinboy needed stuff for his apartment…he got great deals in Kat’s Basement...Come on down!

I know I should have a tag sale, rummage sale, selling crap sale…or whatever you want to call it sale…but I just can’t stomach pulling that stuff out of my basement, setting it up, figuring out a price, haggling with cheap sons-of-guns, slashing the price, barely making a hundred dollars and then hauling the crap back to the basement or dump.

Light bulb moment: I think I’ll bring everyone to me…have a sale where everyone goes into my basement. I’ll let them go downstairs, paw through my crap, I mean my valuables…and let them haul it out of there themselves. Besides I think I might even make more money. People always feel like they are getting a deal when they have to go through piles, bins, and shelves …and fight each other off for stuff. It would be like a T.J. Maxx...ala Kat.

Yea…that’s what I’ll call it…T.J. Katt. And my slogan: “You get the MOSTEST from the LEASTEST at T.J. Katt.” Sing it with me, folks.

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