Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I think I should keep this blog short…short on words. Especially when it is Thanksgiving Day morning and I am expecting 21 relatives for dinner. Yep, today is the perfect day for me to cook up something fast for my blog…kinda like a quick bread…not the long rising old fashioned yummy bread.

Besides I want my blog readers to not be stuffed…so full of Kat. I want them to still have a ravenous appetite for more. We want more…We want more… We want more…

Plus it would be really sad if everyone arrived and found nothing prepared…no table turkey roasted…and found Aunt Kat at the computer…blogging away. Stick a fork in her already and call her cooked.

So I want to offer my Thanks to you for giving your attention to my blog…when I’m sure most times you want to cry fowl. Other than much gratitude…I really have nothing to offer my blog readers…which is better than nothing to offer my guests.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kat -- we just got home from the good old town hall -- Poo was there, we were all thinking of days gone by, I'm sure. :-)