Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blogger Insurance

I realize you can insure just about anything. There’s insurance for homes, cars, businesses and not to mention…body parts. Mariah Carey actually had her legs insured for a $1,000,000,000. That’s a billion dollars folks…I know I had to count the zeros to believe it. I would love to see Mariah’s leg policy…and what they are insured for. Maybe her gams are insured against ….people like the whackos associated to Tanya Harding. Maybe Madonna will want to knock her down a peg (leg) or two. Or maybe a broken leg from falling or getting pushed off a stage. But I mostly wonder about cuts when she shaves her legs….or any ingrown hairs.

I wonder what my legs could be insured for…probably $2.50 for the pair…tops. I’m thinking of looking into some insurance for my most admired body part…my fingers…very valuable tool for bloggers. One accidental slice with my chain saw…and my blogging career is over.

Fortunately now bloggers everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief...the world has invented blogger insurance. Bloggers can be protected from charges brought against them for defamation and invasion of privacy. So now some disgruntled person that was mentioned in a blog can’t come back with a vengeance. It seems the number of lawsuits against bloggers have increased from 4 to 89 over the last ten years. But that didn’t seem like a crazy number considering the millions of crazy bloggers out there. Percentage wise…crazy lawsuits to crazy bloggers…not so bad.

I thought blogger insurance was an interesting concept and I appreciated that my good friend, Mickster passed the information along to me…until I remembered he’s an attorney and his wife is linnyj. Yikes.

After that realization…I quickly scoured through the past 270 blogs I’ve written. I combed through them word-by-word looking for any references to linnyj…wondering if I said anything about her that could be used in a court of law against me. I can see it now…my blogging career blowing up in my face…Boom…because of something I said about linnyj. Let’s see…there was that time I razzed her about the 5K race, Camp Linnyj…oh, and about Cancun. But I am making her famous….so there is an upside to being slandered in the Kat blog.

Now I’m thinking…I better get a policy to cover my ass….again, with the body parts insurance. Mariah has her legs and I have my ass…… take care of.

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