Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Who ya voting for? Come on, you can tell me. I won’t tell anyone.

What? Not gonna share? Some people are very private about their voting. They feel it is their own business and don’t feel the need to share…or make their politics someone else’s. Papa Joe was this way. He always said his vote was private…his own business. He wouldn’t even tell Nana. (Let alone put it in a blog for all to see.)

I ,too, follow Papa Joe’s thought on keeping my vote private. I don’t feel the need to share either. Although I will share that I enjoyed being Sarah Palin for a night…Halloween night. (And PaulA made a cute Joe the Plumber.) But I am not gonna spill the beans in this blog about who I am voting for. I would never want to influence your decision and make you doubt your own choice. I realize the enormous impact Kat-Blogger Extraordinaire has on blogworld…especially with the limitless numbers of readers following every word. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for interfering in American politics.

I will keep this blog short today…this beautiful fall day…because I am leaving soon to do my civic duty and VOTE…and I have a tee time with Pia this morning.

So………‘My friends’, I am off. I am feeling a little ‘mavericky’ so I might ‘change’ the usual route I take to the voting polls, right after I put ‘lipstick on a pig’…...

Whoever you vote for….Just VOTE.


Sistersledge said...

I'm not saying who I voted for either. Barack My World Baby!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I need to say... just read my sleeve!!!