Monday, November 17, 2008

Runs on Guns

The title of this blog might have you thinking Doctor Suess…like Hop on Pop. But this is waaaay more intelligent than that. (Although there is nothing like a good rhyming book.) Nope. This is about the effect the new administration is already having on the economy before Obama even gets into office.

Even with the economy in the toilet with the housing market crisis, credit crunch, 2 wars, loss of jobs, etc. etc.…there is a bright side to our bowl of problems. There is actually one area where increases are occurring at a fast rate….and believe me, it isn’t my blog readership.

Gun retailers countrywide are seeing an increase in gun sales…especially military guns and assault weapons. Sales are shooting through the roof because people are thinking that gun control will be a top priority for the new administration. (Obama just doesn’t like guns as much as the gun toting Sarah Palin.) So people are running out to purchase their Uzi. Shouldn’t we all be entitled to a military style gun? Or maybe even a Saturday-night special. You never know when an assault weapon could come in handy. After all, the burbs are becoming more and more dangerous these days.

I don’t frequent gun shops…so I was surprised to hear about the runs on guns. I am familiar with, however, the guns at Wal-mart. Their gun area was one part of the store that I would walk around when my kids were little…no short cuts through the Gun Dept. Heck I knew…one look at the shoot ‘em up Dept. and Colinboy would be asking for one. I prefer to think of him toting his bass guitar around town instead of a shotgun.

But it only takes one kid to trigger the subject with other kids. Colinboy had cousins who owned bb guns...4 brothers. So he talked PaulA into one. The manly men shot targets in the woods, until the thing jammed...and then we deep-sixed it. Stick with the bass guitar son.

So Annie Get your Gun….or Andrew Get Your Gun…at Wal-mart…before Obama shoots down any hopes of you getting guns during his administration. I actually approve of gun control...cuz the only thing I’m gunnin for is…more people to read my blogs.

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