Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mechanicals Attachment

Saying goodbye to your cell phone is like saying goodbye to a friend…at least for me. I know being attached to a mechanical device sounds a little bit weird. But when did I say I was normal?

My attachment to mechanicals started when I was a kid. I became attached to the old family station wagon…the place I sat, behind my dad…looking at the back of his head and watching the road behind him…at times seeming scary. Could I ever drive a car? And seeing my mom’s profile as she rode shotgun. I always had to kiss our cars goodbye…which didn’t happen too often because we rarely got a new one. It always felt like saying goodbye to a family member.

So this mechanical attachment continued with me as I got older…with our leased cars. When I have to say goodbye to a car, I think about the 3 or 4 years that have passed and how the kids have grown. Wishy in the car seat…Colinboy flailing around in the back when he should have been in his seat belt…and Chelsea kicking the back of my seat. Such fond memories.

Lucky for me, I won’t be saying goodbye to the car I have now for 2 more years. But yesterday by dear cell phone stopped working. It just plum had enough…the battery door wouldn’t stay closed. So I had to replace my dear friend. It was so hard to say goodbye. After all, I had the phone for 4 years. The kids don’t seem to have mechanicals attachment…they all have had double (or triple) phones since my dear celly.

So I laid my phone to rest in my bureau drawer…and gave it some final words:

Goodbye my dearest cell phone…
I will miss the sound of your ringtone…the feel of your buttons…the cute sounds you make when you turn off and on…..your simple uncomplicated nature. You will be dearly missed.

Hello…hello….Enough of the crap, Kat…

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