Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Book Club Slacker Reform Thyself

I have a confession to make: I have been a book club slacker. For the many years that we have had the club, I have read every single book, but the last two months…I admit, I fell off the page.

It’s not like I didn’t read the book because I was protesting, or because I had better things to do, but hmmmm…why? Maybe I wanted to see what life was like on the slacker side. I’m just such a rules person…maybe I wanted to feel what it is like to wing it….Booyah.

So the past two months I have gone to the book club dinner…with the intention of…faking it when it came to discussion of the book. I figured I’d just bluff my way through. Besides, I figured who would notice? After all, we give the book as much attention as a gnit or is that a gnat.

So Marilin began a very engaging discussion about the book. Seeing I had nothing intelligent to add to the conversation…I just nodded in agreement with her. Then she made the comment: "Did you see how the author never uses the girl’s name?" So with zippo clue to what she was talking about, I just repeated…"Yes...the author never uses the girl’s name." Two minutes were up…book discussion over. I’ll have another chardonnay…thank you very much.

So I figured out the trick to covering up slacking. All you have to do is ‘nod and then repeat’. It’s so easy…I’m sure there wasn’t a book club soul at the table who didn’t know I was slacking.

After I came to this slacker realization…I looked around the table. Hmmm…my friend over there. What is she contributing to the conversation? I see she’s smiling and listening. Wait, she is nodding …we are both nodding. Oh, and now she is repeating…we are both repeating. Ah ha…I might not have read the book…but I totally read her…she’s a book club slacker too.

Nod and repeat…after me.

I can’t continue to lead the life of a book club slacker...with no book spine. I will fry in book club hell.

Book club slacker, reform thyself…


Anonymous said...

I will meet you in Book Club hell!! they must serve wine there!! Some books are worth the time and others are not. Luckily, the book club is non-judgmental. all I can say is 'things fall apart'!!


ps... nodding is a nice touch!!!!

Anonymous said...

You have to learn how to read between the wines...

Anonymous said...