Thursday, November 13, 2008

So Easy Even a Kat Can Do It

Last month we visited Sistersledge and Daryl to the third power’s house and had a cup of coffee made from their machine…the Keurig. Have you heard of this machine? It makes coffee one cup at a time…in 10 seconds, although it seemed like it took a whole 15. The thing uses little “pods” of coffee that are premeasured. You just pour water in the machine (no measuring), put the pod in, pull the handle down and it fills your coffee mug with piping HOT coffee.

I have to say, the coffee is pretty darn good. I am not trying to put Dunkin Donuts out of business…because that place is near and dear to my heart. And I’m sure the people at the DD drive-thru window are wondering where their favorite Kat is…but every 5 or 6 years you need to take a break from routine…mix it up…..go crazy and try something a little different. So we bought a Keurig of our own.

The cool thing about the individual pods is that you can choose what coffee you want…depending on your mood. If you are feeling French piggish…there’s always French Roast. If you are feeling south of the borderish…there’s Columbian. Don’t want to be too wired and chatty Kathy?….Decaf. And if you are feeling like a constipated Queen Elizabeth…hot tea is a nice option. One cup at a time…your choice.

Of course, the coffee is only as good as your water. Our tap water seems to be fine...not exactly a fine blend from the Poland Springs of Maine…but definitely not the muddy Mississippi. I like that you don’t have to measure out the water for the Keurig. I never could see the LINE for the water on the other coffee makers. Holding the carafe up to the light…I’m always pouring water in and out, like a chemistry experiment before I get it right. And not having to measure the coffee prevents…too watery…too strong. Aaahhhhhhhhh.

So now I stumble downstairs to the kitchen with hair disheveled, mascara smudged, tattered nightgown and socks. I don’t get in the car and scare the world (I save that for PaulA). I just pick my pod (boy that sounds nasty) and Press a button….10 to15 seconds later…piping HOT java.

It’s so easy…even a Kat can do it.


Sistersledge said...

They're called K-cups! Yes we do love our Keurig!

Anonymous said...

Hi KAT. Your blog sold me. RL and I have been pondering the idea of a Keurig for a while. Friday night I placed a massive order from Green Mountain Coffee. I can't wait until I can feel that coffee pumping through my veins, knowing that my next fix is only a K-cup away. haha..LL