Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Positioning Statement

I walked by Duncandog and saw his lazy ass sleeping on the kitchen rug…again. And I wondered what it was like to sleep all day. Don’t get me wrong…Duncan is up for just about anything when he hears the magic word. Just whisper… “Walk” and he’s standing on all fours…sprung from a dead sleep.

But most hours of the day he is in some sleeping position. You can figure out the time of day and time of year by his positions. During the morning he likes to lie on the kitchen table rug in the sun. During a winter morning it’s the kitchen sink rug near the heat vent…turn the heat up already. He moves from spot to spot all day long.

There are some positions that are so cute you want to wake him up and tell him. There’s the diver look with just his two paws out front. Then there is the fetal doggy position…into a small ball…again, turn the heat up already. My personal favorite is the four-legged dead dog look….flopped on his side…4 paws out. Like he just passed out. Duncandog are you alive? Gets me every time.

I don’t know how he can lie around all day and sleep…and then sleep all night. Maybe he isn’t really sleeping when I think he is. Maybe he is lying there awake with one eye open and he’s really watching me and wondering……how does Kat can sit in front of a computer day after day and blog?

Maybe he can tell a lot from my blogging positions. Elbows up at the keyboard…I am all jacked from caffeine and in full blogger mode. Elbows down at the keyboard…I am a slow ass and no thoughts are coming. Duncandog’s personal favorite is the two-legged dead blogger look. Kat’s eyes are glossy…fingers haven’t moved in minutes. Like she just passed out. Katdog are you alive?

Just whisper… “Sale” and Kat is standing on all two’s…sprung from a blogging trance. Gets Duncan every time.

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