Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Slurpee Light

With our national obsession with diet and exercise...

Everything has gone

You name it...
Light Beer,
 Light Potato chips,
Light Ice Cream
We even have Spam Light and Light Twinkies.
(What a beautiful world we live in.)

But there is news today that
and is
LIGHTs out.

7-Eleven now offers 

"Slurpee Light"
A Slurpee sugar-free drink with 50 % fewer calories
(Tag line: All Flavor. No sugar.)

As contrasted with the regular "Slurpee"
(Tag line:  No Flavor.  All Sugar.)

And to honor the new drink,
7-Eleven is offering...

 Slurpee Light
from 11am to 7pm


I have jumped on the Light wagon.

I am  now offering my blog customers....
a trimmer version of my full bodied,
badass blog.

Kat’s Blog Light
(Tag line: A watered down version-containing 50% less absurdity of the original.)

When you find yourself full of the original...
try the
less sweet version
Kat’s Blog Light

same great taste in blogging....
with a slightly sour slant.

Disclaimer:  As with other Light versions of products..
There are No real benefits associated with
"Kat's Blog Light."

1 comment:

B.Healy said...

That explains it!!! I was at 7-11 today getting a drink for my break at work and everyone was getting slurpees! Now I know why! haha